The Cost of Debt on America’s Families!

In today’s fast paced super hyped society, we can only take in so much information.

Most families today have both spouses working and have little time to truly evaluate their current financial situation.

The amount of financing options available to everyone has us wrapped so tight that we cannot focus on the people and ideas that are important to us.

The key is to truly get a grip on what the real numbers are in OUR financial world.

The key numbers are:

1) Amount of income per month.

2) Amount of our expenses per month.

3) How much is leftover.

 For most people the last number is ZERO!

That IS the problem.

You either have to spend less or make more to get ahead. (At least that’s what we are told.)

But, is this true?

 How about the “proper allocation of capital”?

Have we taken this into consideration?

Living paycheck to paycheck has become a way of life and actually, sucks the life right out of us.

In a future posting I will give you the step by step instructions for eliminating your debt and getting a handle on your finances.

I will also properly explain the term “proper allocation of capital”.

Until then, I would love to hear comments on what your thoughts are on the issue of debt in the American household.

Thanks and talk to you soon.


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